About Us

We import and install some of the world’s finest audio equipment so that you can have the experience of live music in your own home, or something very close to it.

Music for many of us is an important part of being alive. With music we can think David Bowie’s thoughts or feel Schubert’s feelings and so we come to our own. Our experience of ourselves and the world is changed and maintained through music. Music, like the other arts, helps us to realise our subjective truths.

In our dizzying world, a good audio system, well-installed, is a space to recuperate and rediscover the music you love and cherish. Of course it is possible to have a deeply emotional experience listening to music on your phone but it is much less likely to happen, and will probably be fleeting.

Our equipment is amongst the finest and brings you very close to the experience of live music; to the intimacy of the musicians. The musicians are virtually in your home. You will hear details, instruments and harmonics that you have not heard before, even with pieces very familiar to you. You will be affected: you will be moved.

Controversially we believe that the experience of a virtual music system, installed well is better than live music in some ways. You will have the best seat in the house and the music will be at the perfect volume. There will be no noisy stranger next to you, or someone wearing too much perfume.

If you think that you need to be a bat, or to have had special training to hear the difference between our equipment and the ordinary alternatives then you will discover that you are wrong: the differences are delightfully obvious. If you can tell the difference between instant and real coffee or a cathode ray tube television and high definition, then you will hear the difference between one of our systems and an ordinary, everyday one.

Our listening room is in a quiet residential setting with easy parking and no pressure to buy. You will have as much time as you need. We only ask that you bring some of your favourite music, and if possible your existing equipment. This will allow you to hear the differences and make good decisions.


Your ears will know the difference. When your system is properly installed you will want to listen, and you will not be fatigued or bored by it and you will probably not want to upgrade within a short time.

Because correct installation makes such a huge difference to the quality of the sound we do not simply sell boxes, unless you happen to be an experienced audiophile: we provide an installation service that includes the option of potent but subtle room treatments.

Our listening studio is in a quiet residential setting, without the noisy distractions of standard commercial hi-fi shops. You will be able to listen in a relaxing environment, with your favourite recordings, without any pressure to purchase. This will allow you to feel the range of emotions that a quality audio system can produce.

Bespoke services

We are able to supply unique solutions that meet your individual needs. You may need your speakers to match your interior, or to be hidden, or perhaps an equipment stand in a unique material, or stowed away. If you can imagine it our team of craftsmen can probably make it.