Kondo Brand new Kondo io-j moving coil cartridge, and lightly used Kondo sfz transformer all with the Kondo aged silver cable, The cartridge has never been removed from its box.Probably the best ever made by Kondo and no longer available. £7,500 (£15,000)

Trilogy Audio 948 Stereo power amplifier.Trilogy Audio 948 Stereo power amplifier. Highly regarded valve amp in black chrome with original box. Very good condition and flexible as it can be run in pentode or triode mode. Just serviced. £1,400 (£2,750)

Highly modified Dynaco Stereo 70 power amplifer with new speaker outlets, capacitors, resistors and valves, some marks on the case but sonically very good. Serviced by our technician. £1,250

Ensemble Figura SpeakersEnsemble Figura speakers. Elegant two way floorstanders with a compact footprint. A good solution for those averse to large speakers. Finished in brushed aluminium they gently reflect the colours around them, blending in with the décor. These are fairly easy to drive and very musical. £3,000 (£6,000)

Paradigm bipolar Esprits speakers. Very efficient floorstander with superb imaging and speed. A surprisingly natural match with the 30 Watt Pass Aleph amplifier. Satin black caps with black socks. It would be easy to change either. £400 (£850)

Ensemble Primadonna speakers.Ensemble Primadonna speakers. These are legendary: their mid range is amongst the best on the planet. They use the fabulous sandwich mid bass unit hand made by Gorlich. Efficient / easy to drive. £3,800 (£8,500)

Sound Design 150 watt Output Transformerless Monoblocks These are gloriously transparent, clear open windows to the music! Just serviced. £3,600

One pair of black Technical Brain TBzero 2.1 monoblocks, 350 Watts each. These sound fabulous and are the predecessors to the latest model. Unusually they have standard audiophile mains sockets so you are free to use any quality power cord. They are also 110 volt, but sound superb on 240 volts using the the huge transformer supplied. £33,000 (£65,000)

Simon Yorke S5/S4Simon Yorke S5/S4. This turntable is made of a heavy slab of Welsh slate and smoked glass. Selected by Mark Levinson for Cello. Including smoked glass lid and sides, external brushed aluminium power supply unit marked ‘Cello’. (arm & cartridge not included) £3,000 (£12,000)

Kuzma XL4 turntableKuzma XL4 turntable with 4 motors in polished brass, including the famous micro-adjustable tonearm tower. A perfect match with either the Kuzma Airline with Kondo cable or the Kuzma 4point arm £10,750 (£20,000)

Paradigm Servo 15 SubwoofersA pair of the famous Paradigm Servo 15 Subwoofers, with the X30 controller and one damaged grille, 53cm × 46cm × 56cm. These would be a great addition to the Paradigm Bipolar Esprits. “The X-30 crossover/controller unit was particularly transparent and did not seem to color, cloud, or distort the presentation in any perceptible manner” £500 each (£800)

Furutech GT40 AmpHighly versatile USB DAC with a phono stage, a headphone amp, a line stage and preamp! The Furutech GT40, brand new and boxed. “The GT40 USB DAC by Furutech is a brilliant combination of functionality. You will not manage to find an equally good preamplifier for this money, never mind one with phonostage.” Wojciech Pacuła £295 (£395)

Trilogy 901 valve preamp, black, with some marks on the top plate. Uses two ECC88 tubes. £650

Trilogy VTi integrated amplifier, 50 powerful watts per channel. £1500 (£2495)

Stax-SR007-headphonesStax SR007 headphones in very good condition, with Stax flight case. £1,350 (£1,995)

Brand new Kuzma Point4 tonearm “It produced an experience like listening to open-reel tape, with imaging and sound-staging stability superior to those of any arm I’ve heard, including Continuum Cobra.”
Michael Fremer Stereophile, July 2012 £4,750 (£7500)

Kuzma Airline upgraded and wired with Kondo silver wire by Franc Kuzma himself. £7500 (£11,000)

Kuzma Reference tonearm wired with Cardas cable. £1350 (£2,534)

Clearaudio Gamma cartridge professionally repaired with a new sapphire cantilever £250

Analysis Plus Silver Oval Phono cable brand new, 5 foot, £650 (£1,200)

Analysis Plus Gold Oval speaker cable with spades, six foot pair in very good condition, top of the range. “A New Reference”. 2004, Stereo Times £5,500 (£13,914)

Analysis Plus Gold Oval speaker cableAnalysis Plus Gold Oval speaker cable with spades, six foot pair in very good condition, top of the range. “A New Reference”. 2004, Stereo Times £5,500 (£13,914)

Synergistic Research Galileo Element Silver Reference, 10 metres, XLR but can easily be used as RCA with adaptors supplied, tuning bullets and power supply. £8,500 (£20,000)

Ypsilon StereoamplifierYpsilon Stereoamplifier SET 100VS GM70, 40 valve watts x 2, superb, hypnotic and very natural sounding, with the latest upgrades and a complete rebuild carried out by the manufacturer, with 3 year transferable guarantee, all documentation and flight case. This is a sculptural amplifier that requires at least two strong men to move it. Here is the designer’ s description: “This is a very special amplifier. Very natural and live sounding. Sounds very similar to the hybrid mono-blocks the SET100 Ultimate’s. This amp has great control and power and also has an effortless presentation and natural flow to the music.” £28,000 (£55,000)

Ypsilon VPS 100 phono stageYpsilon VPS 100 phono stage and their MC10 step up device. “The Ypsilon VPS- 100 is far superior to any other phonostage, tube or solid-state, which I have auditioned by a rather significant margin”.Fred Crowder Sept 2011 £18,000 (£32,000)

Aon 2 stand mounted speakers “The Aon 2’s handling of separation and space is in a class o f its own. There’s an abundance of nuance and flair when spinning everything from Biosphere to Kate Bush. Three words to bottle the Aon 2’s essence: clean, spacious, engaging. Placed in an appropriately sized listening space and avoiding the bassiest of electronica, the GoldenEar Aon 2 will reward with true emotional communication every time they’re fired up.”Digital Audio Review – December 2013 – John H. Darko £550 (£795)

Harmonic Precision KH9 this is a very pleasing, musical preamp in black, recently serviced, without any vices and 9 valves. There are no reviews so come and listen! £1,350

Grand Prix MonacoGrand Prix Monaco modular rack with 3 acrylic shelves, could easily be expanded, in good condition. Includes spare sorbothane discs. Very effective and pretty. £2,650 (£4,090)

Reimyo DAP 999EXReimyo DAP 999EX perfect condition, 220-240 volts, with many rave reviews for a gloriously musical DAC, used for less than 5 hours. £4250 (£8000)

Magneplanar Mini Maggie System brand new, dark cherry with a black grille, sealed in box. “Maggie system ‘the good stuff,’ you can – and you should – expect spectacular results. I was struck by three sonic characteristics: first, the system exhibited remarkably realistic and convincing spatial properties. Second, the system offered unusually lifelike reproduction of musical textures, timbres, and low-level details. Third, the system offered unexpectedly expressive dynamics.” Chris Martens | Jul 24th, 2012, £1650 (£1,995)

Thorens TD160B Highly modified by ATR with a Formula 4 Mark 3 tonearm and a Pearl Sumiko moving magnet cartridge. This has been professionally set up and sounds good. The lid is tatty and the plinth has some marks. £775